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Eyes on Diabetes - Discussing Diabetic Retinopathy

Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA)

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Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) was established in 1996 as a centre of excellence for eye research. CERA brings together a body of dedicated medical researchers with the aim of improving the living conditions and lifestyles of thousands of Australians who are now, or may be in the future, affected by vision impairment.

CERA undertakes epidemiologic, basic and applied research into a number of important eye diseases.

Major research areas include the prevention of cataract, improvement of cataract services; development of laser refractive surgery; promotion and provision of screening for diabetic retinopathy; genetics and treatment of glaucoma; genetics, prevention and treatment of macular degeneration; provision of eye care services to indigenous people; trachoma control; vision screening, especially of the elderly; improved access to low vision services; and an assessment of the social and economic impact of vision loss.

Our approach to technical excellence and innovation has enabled us to develop reliable, low cost testing devices that have national and international application.

Our staff includes ophthalmologists, laboratory scientists, epidemiologists and public health professionals. We offer postgraduate training to Australian and international students in clinical and public health ophthalmology.

Working with a wide range of professional groups in clinical and community settings our objective is to prevent vision loss and blindness in our community.

For further information contact CERA on 03 9929 8360



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