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RVIB - Working with People who have Vision Loss





This booklet has been developed as a guide for those who work with people at home, at work and in residential facilities (such as retirement homes, hostels and nursing homes).  As you may be aware, there are many causes of vision impairment and peoples experiences with a vision disability can vary greatly, both functionally and emotionally.  However, with information and support, most people can lead active and independent lives in their own community.

 This booklet provides:

This publication is available in braille, audio tape, computer disk, and on home page

 Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind Ltd ACN 053 864 841 CCSA Doc.61


Victorian Disability Services Standards

 RVIB is guided by the principles of the Victorian Disability Services Standards.

 1 - Service Access

 Each consumer seeking a service has access to a service on the basis of relative need and available resources.

2 - Individual Needs

Each consumer receives a service, which is designed to meet, in the least restrictive way, his or her individual needs and personal goals.

 3 - Decision Making and Choice

Each consumer has the ability to participate as fully as possible in making decisions about the events and activities of his or her daily life in relation to the services he or she receives.

 4 - Privacy, Dignity, Confidentiality

 Each consumer’s right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality in all aspects of his or her life is recognised and respected.

 5 - Participation and Integration

 Each consumer is supported and encouraged to participate and be involved in the life of the community.

6 - Valued Status

 Each consumer has the opportunity to develop and maintain skills and to participate in activities that enable him or her to achieve valued roles in the community.

7 - Complaints and Disputes

Each consumer is free to raise and have resolved, any complaints or disputes he or she may have regarding the service provider or the service.

8 - Service Management

 Each service provider adopts sound management practices which maximise outcomes for consumers.

9 - Freedom from Abuse and Neglect

 Each consumer has the right to be free from physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse and neglect.


Table of Contents


Recognising vision loss

Causes and effects of vision loss

Communication tips

Daily living tips

Moving safely around the environment

How can RVIB help?

Referring to RVIB


RVIB sites


Karen McKenzie and Paula Stroud

First published March 1999

Revised September 2001


For a full copy of the following document please contact the RVIB at the address below.

Information and Referrals Unit


557 St Kilda Road

Melbourne  3004

Free call 1800 33 5588

Fax: (03) 9529 3589

TTY: (03) 9521 2719

Email: [email protected]


Material may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes.  In such cases a full acknowledgement to the RVIB is requested.


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